Stockholm the Capital of Scandinavia is in a lot of places. Watch this great video on What makes a Capital:

Stockholm - The Capital of Scandinavia

"Stockholm - The Capital of Scandinavia" is the shared brand name for the Stockholm region. The brand may be used by all who wish to work together to promote the development of Stockholm as a region for new business and tourism.

There are many reasons why Stockholm is the natural capital of Scandinavia. Stockholm is the largest city in the largest Scandinavian country and lies at its heart with world-class transportation. 

Stockholm is also Scandinavia’s economic center with the largest gross regional product and most multinational companies. One of the world’s leading ICT clusters, one of Europe’s largest biotechnology clusters, and northern Europe’s financial center are also located here. Stockholm is Scandinavia’s trendsetting cultural city with its unique selection of galleries and museums, international food culture, and music production. 

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